Monday, August 1, 2011

Unity in Christ

Last night I went to Refresh, an evening of praise and worship at my church.  Rather than being a night of a few people from our church gathering to sing, it was a really inspiring experience. You see, three local churches combined to lead everyone in worship.  Believers from all over the city, from different races, backgrounds, and worship styles came together to worship the Lord and Savior we all believe in. 

I was a time of unity rather than divisiveness that too often characterizes the Church as a whole.  God was the center of the evening. Who He is and what He’s done for all of us.  Instead of concentrating on what divides us, things people have created, we focused on God and what He’s done to bring us all together.   It was a great time and a wonderful reminder of what God created the Church to be.

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Cathy Baker said...

Please let me know the next time your church has this -- I'd love to attend! Those kinds of gatherings are a glimpse into in heaven. Thanks for sharing, Ellen!