Saturday, August 2, 2014

Sing Your Song to the World

It’s midnight and a beautiful sound accompanies me as I type away at my computer.  That bird cannot stop singing.  It seems to have so much to share with anyone who will listen.  I only wish I spoke and understood its language so I could join in the conversation. 

I also wish I had its heart and determination to share a message with the world, to whomever would stop to listen.  I guess that’s a key part of it. It’s just after midnight, most the world’s asleep here, yet the bird keeps singing its song.

What a lesson we can learn from that bird, even when we can’t see him.  We need to put our song, our heart, our message out to the world.  Regardless of whether anyone responds, our words will be out there. Some will benefit from what we say and it’ll sail past the ears of others.  We have no control over who responds to us or how they do, but that’s not our responsibility.  Our job is to simply put the message out there. Just like that bird singing its tune in the dark, we have to just keep sending out whatever message God’s given us to share and let Him take care of what happens next. 

Funny what you can learn from a bird singing at midnight.