Saturday, October 18, 2014

Escape from (Almost) Certain Death

It’s hard to believe I made it out alive.  By all accounts I should be either dead, or at least in the hospital with severe injuries. But God.  God said it wasn’t my time to meet Him in person. 
I’d just left a writers’ group and headed to my dentist appointment.  I got on the freeway as the rain came down in sheets, blowing sideways at times.  The car ahead of me braked, so I did too.  But my car swerved left and the next thing I knew I was two lanes over and headed into the fast lane.  I’d hydroplaned.
My car was out of control so I veered back to the right.  Next thing I knew, I was headed SOUTH on a northbound freeway, straight into oncoming traffic!  It scared me to death.  I was afraid to turn the wheel again too hard, so I froze for a second or two, staring at the oncoming traffic. I saw cars move into the next lane in order to avoid hitting me.  It makes my hair stand on end as I write this.
I got hold of myself and turned, but not as hard as the last time.  I headed 90 degrees to the left (to the side of the slow lane).  My car stalled out.  I was a mental wreck at this point.  I tried to turn on the emergency flashers.  Once I figured that out, I couldn't start the car again.  I'm still panicking at this point, understand.
 I was off the freeway, facing sideways, and unable to start the car.  I decided to start over by just turning off the engine.  Then it worked. 

An officer saw me sideways and whipped over from the 3rd lane, pulling behind me with his lights on.  I was relieved, but still shaking.  He came to my car and asked me if I was okay.  I assured him I was, just scared. 
Poor guy, it was POURING out there and he didn't have an umbrella. When I told him I couldn't start the car until I turned it all the way off, I asked, "is that what you're supposed to do?"  He said I probably didn't have it in Park. Duh!  I hadn't even thought of that.  But I was in panic/survival mode, so I couldn't.  He helped me calm down and then I continued on to my appointment.  No cavities! At least it ends on a bright note.  
It truly amazes me (though maybe it shouldn’t) that God protected me like that.  He must have a reason. Even if it’s just to tell people about God’s protection of His children and that He’s always with us, that’s enough. 
When have you been through something where you’ve seen God’s hand in your life?  Share it with the rest of us so we can see how He continues to work in our lives today, even when we least expect it.