Thursday, August 24, 2017

Where is God?

I was regretting the past
and fearing the future.

Suddenly my Lord was speaking:

My Name Is I AM

He paused. 
I waited. 
He continued:

"When you live in the past
and its mistakes and regrets,
it is hard.

I am not there. My name is not  I WAS.

When you live in the future,
with its fears and problems
it is hard.
I am not there.
My name is not I WILL BE.

When you live in the moment
It is not as hard.
I am here.
My name is I AM.

                                                              Helen Mallicoat

photo courtesy of Dmitri Otis Images

Saturday, August 19, 2017

God, the Sun, and the Solar Eclipse

The solar eclipse in the U.S. is less than a week away and Greenville, South Carolina, will be directly in its path. In the middle of the day, the moon will pass in front of the sun, blocking its light for approximately 2 minutes.

photo courtesy of pixabay

There’s been quite a buzz about it over the last few months. It’s all over the news, in the papers, and online.

It’ll begin to get dark in early afternoon as the moon begins to cross between the sun and the earth.

Monday, August 14, 2017

Today's the second Monday of the month, so I'm posting about  on  Small Acts of Kindness.  Read my story here.

Sunday, August 13, 2017

Everyone's Gifts Are Important

 If the only tool in your belt is a hammer, every problem looks like a nail.
Abraham Maslow

I heard this quote one day and later realized that it reflects how we go about most things in our lives. We tend to see circumstances through our own lens, which is relatively small, and we react the only way(s) we know. The opposite is true as well. When have multiple “tools” in our “belt” we can better determine an appropriate solution to any given problem.  

Friday, August 4, 2017

Blessings When You Need Them

I lost my balance the other day and stuck my left arm out, trying to break my fall. I broke my left wrist in the process.

You don’t realize how much you use both your hands until only one works.  I know first-hand (no pun intended).

Even something as basic as getting dressed involves two hands.  Thanks to YouTube, I’ve learned how to do that now. Turns out there are multiple uses for a broomstick.

I can’t drive, cook, or water the garden until my wrist heals, which will take several weeks. I love my plants and flowers so I really hate that.

Thankfully, I have several friends and family members helping me.  One of my neighbors brought dinner over the other night.  She also volunteered to drive when we went to the theater last week. Another friend has offered me a ride to church.

My parents have been shopping for me, as well as watering my plants and cleaning around the house.
Pushing a vacuum with only one hand just doesn’t work.  And forget about dragging a hose.
I don’t like having to depend on other people, but I’m glad it’s temporary. Letting people help me also gives them the blessing to someone.  I truly am blessed to have such loving, supportive family and friends. Keeping this perspective helps a lot.

How have you been blessed by someone’s generosity when you needed it?  Or perhaps you’ve had the privilege of helping someone else.  Share it here so we can all benefit from it.