Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Slowing Down

I ate breakfast on the back porch early this morning, before it got too hot. With nothing else to distract me, I enjoyed simply observing my surroundings. The leaves rustling in the trees with a slight breeze, the flowers blooming in the garden, and the twittering of the birds, each with their different songs.

It dawned on me that God created all of it. He’s an incredible artist whose creativity is often lost on me as I go about my life. Sometimes it’s focusing on a list of tasks that I’ve set out to accomplish that day, or worrying about things that I may or may not even be in control of. These can so occupy my thoughts that I overlook the beauty and wonder of God’s creation around me. 

Slowing down to notice the things around me reminds me of all He’s put in my life to enjoy. The key for me is to slow down and observe it all. It brings me back to Him. This, in turn, changes my attitude as I go about my day.  

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