Saturday, August 22, 2015

Hold onto what's stable in life.

I was listening to a podcast by James Watkins the other day when I got up to get a highlighter off my other desk. I’d been sitting on a chair that had wheels.
 When I went to sit down again, the chair had rolled backwards.  Fortunately, I saw it and I went to grab it with my left hand.  It rolled further away from me as I reached for it. I grabbed the desk with my right hand and said to myself, “Gotta hold on to something that’s not moving and won’t move, like this desk.”
Life is like that too.
Our world is constantly changing. Society is changing. Whether it's our standards for our lives, what we know or think we do, or people’s views of right and wrong.   It’s all elusive and trying to grasp or hold onto it is like my reaching for that chair that continued to roll away.  Holding onto it would’ve only made me fall.  Just as holding onto society’s values that change leads to our downfall.   

I’ve found that God never changes and is always there for me, even when all else seems to be slipping away or is just out of reach.  I can always find and hold onto him.

What do you hold onto?  Does it change with life’s circumstances or can you hold onto it, knowing it will stabilize you regardless? What difference does it make in your life?  Jump into the conversation!


Jean Andersen said...

It was only while suffering from panic attacks which resulted from having a husband with a serious heart condition and a daughter who was facing an uncertain future of disability that I realized that people, no matter how much they are loved by us will always let us down. Not intentionally but by the fact that they are merely mortal. They have no choice.

At that time I fully realized that the infinite, omnipresent God of the Universe is and will continue to be the only one who can be constant in my life. What a comfort to know him.

Thank you for the reminder Ellen.

Ellen Andersen said...

What a great example. Thanks for sharing something so personal.

Cathy Baker said...

What a great analogy, Ellen. It does bring great peace, strength, and comfort to me knowing that God never changes. He is steady, ever present. I've had people I loved come and go from my life over the years but He never leaves nor forsakes. What a blessing!! Thank you, Ellen. :)

Atul Chandola said...
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