Monday, June 25, 2012

Starting over

Everything’s new.  Well, maybe not new, but different.  I’ve just moved and I’ve gone from having one bedroom in a house to a two  bedroom townhouse.  My own kitchen, my own living room, and two bathrooms to fill. 
It’s a great change but any change has its challenges.  The first, and most frequent one at this point, is the problem of finding everything.  It’s like the game children play “hide, find the _____________. You fill in the blank.  Whatever you choose, you’re probably right. 
In the past, that would’ve upset me—A LOT. I would’ve been miserable these last few weeks, and the next several I imagine.  But I’ve realized it’s not that important.  If I have to spend extra time looking for a notebook that’s been in the same place for years, or a list I made just an hour ago, that’s ok. Even funny when I really think about it. 
Same circumstances produce very different responses.  It all depends on how I look at it. Makes me think what else this applies to in my life.

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