Monday, March 12, 2012

Phone Books Saved My Life

Phone Books

God has some of the most unusual ways of taking care of us sometimes.  One summer I took a temporary job delivering the yellow pages.  

We lived in the mountains and the nearest city was 30 miles away.  I neared the on-ramp to the freeway and began to accelerate when an oncoming car made an illegal left turn directly in my path. In order to avoid a collision, I swerved, running off the road.  When I ran off the embankment, I landed in a ditch near the gas station. 

By all rights, the car should have flipped, landed upside down, and left me with serious injuries.  But, since I had about 50 phone books in my trunk, the car stayed upright.  I was shaken, but suffered no injuries.  The car had a few dents, but nothing like if it had flipped and landed on its side, or upside down.    

I didn’t even think about what could’ve happened. Only when I told a friend about it later and she said I was fortunate the car hadn’t rolled did I realize I’d been spared from worse. The phone books may have saved my life.  They at least saved me from consequences that would’ve been much worse. 

God works in mysterious ways.


Carol Anne Wright Swett said...

That's pretty incredible, Ellen! And to think I throw mine out as soon as we get them now. Maybe I should rethink that? I had a similar experience in college. I wedged a friend's suitcase in my lap between me and the back of the front seat. We were in a terrible rainstorm. I was afraid if she lost control of the car it would slide forward in her hatchback and hit me in the head. Several minutes later, she DID hydroplane. This was back in the days before seat belts. That suit case pinned me in place as the car went into a spin and sailed off the road. Thankfully, the 3 of us were ok and the car undamaged. We all wondered aloud where I would have ended up had I not had that suitcase in my lap!

Ellen Andersen said...

Wow Carol Anne. That'd be an unforgettable experience. Looks like suitcases and phone books have more uses than we knew.