Thursday, May 19, 2011

Surprising lessons at a conference

BRMCWC last week was my first conference and was fantastic.  I met more authors than I could have ever imagined and, in addition to all the wonderful information I learned, God revealed something even more significant.  He showed me that even my limitations, which often frustrate and embarass me, can teach me more about other people's character and compassion I'd never have known otherwise.

Far from looking down on  me for my struggles, editors and fellow conferees encouraged me to keep honing my craft, to better tell the story God has put inside me.  What a wonderful lesson to learn in addition to all the information I gleaned from others' expertise in the field of writing.  Thanks to all those who played such a role in my life.  


Cathy Baker said...

Ellen, I LOVE your blog!!! Great job, my friend. I'm so proud of you. God has a special plan for your devotions and your group can't wait to see what that is! You are surrounded by much love and admiration.

Ellen Andersen said...

Thanks Cathy. I so appreciate your encouragement, friend.

Carolyn K Knefely said...

Beautiful picture of you and powerful post.
Write on!

Beth K. Fortune said...

Love your blog Ellen. Your go girl!!!! Great being with you at Blue Ridge and look forward to continuing this writing journey with you!