Friday, May 20, 2016

Nature comes indoors

It happened again, only this time it was a Carolina Wren.  I'd bent over to stretch and as I looked behind me I saw a bird flapping its wings like crazy.  "What's with that bird?" I asked aloud.  I stood up and turned around and just shook my head.  "Again? Seriously?" The bird wasn't outside the window, he'd flown in the house through the bird feeder and was trying to get back out

Just like I wrote in a post nearly two years ago, I'd opened the window to let in some fresh air that morning. I remembered the incident with the finch but didn't think it would happen again.

The poor guy didn't know how to get out by himself, so I raised the window and the screen with my left hand and lifted my right index finger to just below the bird. He flew up into the curtain. "I'm not gonna hurt you." I said.  "I want to help you but you have to trust me. Relax. Sit on my finger."  He did! As I moved my hand down, he panicked and flew up into the curtain.  I put my finger up again and he sat on it.  I moved a little slower this time, got my hand under the window and set him free.

I smiled and thought of how I'm like that little bird.  It's not natural for him to sit on someone's finger. It's scary and he didn't know what would happen.  Likewise, I like to know what I'm getting into before I do it. I feel insecure when I don't know what I might encounter venturing into the unknown.  But God knows what lies ahead and He wants me to trust him. I can only get where I'm going if I trust him, rest in His presence, and let him show me where to go. 

How have you been challenged to do something outside your comfort zone?  How did you handle it and what came about?  Share your story here.

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