Saturday, November 15, 2014

Trust and Faith When We Can’t See God

Trust and Faith When We Can’t See God

He’s about 5½ months old, 6” tall, and has the sweetest temperament. His name is Petey 

and he’s an absolute joy.  All he can do by himself is eat and sleep. He’s 100% dependent on me,
and he knows it.  He’s happy to play, shake his toys as hard as he can, or run after a ball—as long as he can see me. 

But any time I step out of his sight, it scares him.  He runs in the direction he last saw me. When he finds me, he settles down and goes back to playing with his toy.  I just laugh and say, “I’m right here, Petey; I didn’t go anywhere. I can still see you. It’s okay; you’re safe.”

One way I keep Petey safe is to attach one end of his leash to me while the other is around his collar.  As long as he’s attached to the other end, he’s right beside me.  If I let him loose, he can get lost or get into trouble.  As he gets older, he’ll be able to handle more freedom, but for now, he needs me all the time.

Petey slipped out of his collar outside and ran away the other day.  I tried to catch him but he’s faster than I am.  I went around the house and out the back door to look for him.  Before I could even get on the deck, Petey came bounding up the steps.  Even though he'd only been there three days, he knew where he lived and he ran back because he knew where he’d be safe.

I thought about it the other day and realized that’s a lot like my relationship with God at times.  There are several things I can do on my own, but there’s plenty more I can’t. I need God’s help.  And sometimes I can’t see him.  It feels like I’m alone.  The longer that lasts, the worse it feels.  But the truth is that God hasn’t gone anywhere. 

If I wander off and get a little lost, God’s still there, and is still watching.  Even when I can’t see Him and don’t see any evidence of His presence, He’s still there, is still watching me, and will keep me safe.  I only need to run back into his arms.

Have you ever been lost, literally or figuratively, and needed to go to a familiar place where you felt at home?  Where you knew you were safe before venturing out again? Share it here so the rest of us can benefit from what you learned. 


Skip Andersen said...

Great analogy love it!

Ellen Andersen said...

Thanks Dad. Glad you think so!

Jean Andersen said...

Whenever one of my loved ones is ill, I now remember how fragile and frail human beings are. I know that only God is strong and will never fail me. Remembering that is to go to my safe place.

Ellen Andersen said...

Wonderful example. Our faith and trust in God is a safe place to be. Thanks for sharing that, Mom.