Sunday, March 31, 2013

God’s Love and His Power

Easter fits right in with the series on our God’s character as it shows us both his incredible love for us and his power to overcome having been murdered on a cross. 
On what we call Good Friday, Jesus was forced to carry a rugged, wooden cross on his back to the top of a hill, where men mocked and scorned him, spat on him, and nailed his hands and feet to a cross where he succumbed to death.  God loved us so much he had his son die for us.  Can you imagine doing the same? I can’t.

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But that wasn’t the end.  God’s incredible power shows up three days later when his friends went to his tomb, only to find it empty!

The empty tomb
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They’d seen his body lain in there, so they believed someone had stolen it and began to cry.

Later that day he appeared to them, blowing their minds. He was alive! Unbelievable.  Something only God has the power to do.

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So at Easter God shows us His love for us and his power to overcome any obstacle in life.  That’s why it’s such a celebration for you and me today.  Because He lives. In me. He’ll live in you too, if you ask Him. 





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