Monday, December 17, 2012

Leaving a Legacy
Uncle Darrell

My uncle died shortly after Thanksgiving. He was a Vietnam vet, and had a very nice military funeral.
military honors
Darrell became a Christian within the last ten years or so, and it changed his life. He married a lady who was also a devoted Christ follower, and became active his church, impacting many people in the community. At the funeral, people shared how he had touched their lives in many ways.

His greatest desire was that his family and friends would see how his faith in Christ had changed his life and that He would do so for them if they would invite Him into their lives. He left a lasting legacy. I can only hope to do the same.

How will people remember you?









Carolyn K Knefely said...

Ellen, you are one who has touched my life with your courageous fortitude in living. You have a story to write as your legacy of inspiration and motivation.
Write on!

Ellen Andersen said...

Thank you Carolyn. Your story is wonderful, an encouragement to all who know you.

Cathy Baker said...

An important question, Ellen, especially when we witness events like last Friday's. Some have months to prepare, and others have but seconds. Bless you!! I'm thankful your uncle left such a beautiful legacy.