Saturday, September 3, 2011

Book Review:  Lost in Dreams by Roger Bruner

As she returns home from a missions trip, Kim faces a life-changing event that will affect her relationships with family and close friends for years to come.  She tries, unsuccessfully, to hide her perceived guilt for what has happened, isolating herself from even her best friends who would best support her.

Shortly after returning home, Kim goes on another mission trip to work in a prison ministry.  God has some surprising lessons for her there about His forgiveness regardless of one’s past through people she gets to know.   

How will Kim resolve her guilt feelings that affect her spiritual and social life, and thus her experience with the team in the prison ministry?  Will she ever be able to trust anyone enough to tell them the truth and restore her relationships with God, her father, and her friends?

In this story, aimed at a teenage audience, Bruner tells this story in a way that draws the reader in as each character is introduced and developed.  We get a good picture of who they are and why they relate to each other the way they do.  Bruner keeps the reader’s interest by adding twists and turns that compel you to read further in order to see how the plot and subplots will play out.

Other than the last few pages of the epilogue, Lost in Dreams is a good read and I would recommend it for the teenagers in your life.

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